SENIOR FITNESSSpecialized fitness training for seniors

Senior Fitness Program
Promoting a Lifelong Healthy Lifestyle

The purpose of the senior fitness program is to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens through fitness training. We pride ourself on bringing fitness to seniors right where they are, at home, in their own communities.

The Progress Fitness Senior Program is a combination of cardio, flexibility, and strength training. These areas are of particular importance for seniors. Our cardio routines are designed to increase cardio fitness to an age appropriate level. The flexibility training emphasizes gentle yet effective stretching that helps improve range of motion. Strength and resistance training address each muscle group helping seniors accomplish day to day tasks with greater ease.

Once becoming involved in the program, seniors will see and feel the importance of incorporating physical activity into their daily lives. The training sessions are fun and promote social interaction which has also been proven to increase quality of life. Participant benefits will include: improved heart health, increased strength, and flexibility, reduced susceptibility to falls, increased ability to deal with ailments such as arthritis, increased energy leading to an improved sense of well being.

Paul G. Gilmer, Jr. is a certified master fitness trainer through the National Federation of Professional Trainers. He is also a certified senior fitness specialist through the International Sports Sciences Association and a certified Silver Sneaker instructor. In addition, he holds AED and CPR licensing. He is certified in general fitness, nutrition, endurance, and resistance training.

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