SFB TRAININGSpecialized training for those diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease

SFB Training for Parkinson's Disease
Strength, Flexibility and Balance

Our SFB program targets the areas most affected by Parkinson's disease including strength, flexibility and balance.

Parkinson’s disease, (PD) is a brain disorder that causes damage to brain cells. This damage restricts the production of dopamine in the brain. When the lack of this chemical reaches a certain proportion, the symptoms of Parkinson’s will appear. They include: shaking or tremors while at rest; stiffness of the arms, legs, or torso; postural instability and slowness of movement. Our SFB program targets the areas most affected by Parkinson's.

Strength - SFB will incorporate strength and resistance training for each muscle group based on each client’s present level of strength. Strength training supports and enhances balance training.

Flexibility - Building flexible muscles will not only relieve pain associated with Parkinson’s but will help restore range of motion. This program will emphasize gentle yet effective stretching to help clients reach a flexibility level that improves their quality of life.

Balance - Postural instability simply means a lack of balance. This is common is patients with Parkinson’s and often leads to falls. SFB Training will teach clients walking techniques that are key to maintaining balance. The supporting strength and flexibility training will also unconsciously improve balance.

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